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Ethan hosts the weekly MTG strategy podcast “Lords of Limited.” He is also a full-time streamer, writer and YouTube contributor for, and 1-on-1 MTG coach. He has two Limited Grand Prix Day 2’s, an Arena Open Cash, and finds himself at the top of the Mythic standings every month on MTGA. His expertise in MTG and test-prep tutoring is perfectly suited to getting you better at drafting.



Alex is a full-time Magic: The Gathering limited strategy content creator. In addition to writing for, he streams, creates Youtube content, and hosts the Limited Level-Ups podcast. A classroom teacher by trade, Alex brings his love for teaching into the MTG sphere by coaching several limited players each week. After getting to Mythic on MTGA, he loves to challenge himself by fighting for the #1 spot on the ladder each month.



I’m Deathsie and I specialize in Limited MTG. I employ an unconventional and academic approach to Magic the Gathering. Sometimes toxic, sometimes meme – always educational.


Travis Sowers

Travis “Semulin” Sowers is a full time Limited Magic streamer. His resume includes a GP top 8, two Twitch Rivals top 4s, and going infinite in draft in Magic Online for 5 years. Travis specializes in teaching draft and sealed, sharing his passion for the best way to play Magic.