Your Guide To

Follow the directions below and go to your dashboard.

1. Join the Discord

We run everything through discord.

2. Set Up Your Profile

Select your games, profile picture, border, and banner. Click "Settings" to add your in-game names.

3. Save Your Events

Click the "Events" option in the menu. Save upcoming classes to your calendar.

4. Check the Recordings

Bring yourself up to speed with our library of recorded classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a class?

Click here and go to the Events tab. You'll see a calendar of our classes with the links to join.

What is Matchmaking For?

Matchmaking features are currently in Beta as we continue to improve them. Check them out if and give us feedback... if you dare.

What is the Availability tab?

The Availability tab helps our matchmaking system automatically schedule things when you are available. Input the times when you are available for games. We use that data to make sure people can attend our classes and events.

I need help, where is support?

Use the #help channel in our discord for any help you need! Discord link here.