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Learn from Pro Players in live coaching. Sit back and spectate or volunteer for 1-on-1 feedback. Unlock our library of recordings.

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Join groups and find your squad in the games you love. Level up together with a strong team.

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Compete in tournaments and win real prizes. Become a champion and hit your dream rank. Fast-track the long grind.

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Fun & Unique

I really enjoyed the experience. The scrims, and tournament were a nice touch to meet people and improve on my drafting skills. Overall, I had a great time. Thank you for being responsive and extremely friendly.


Win More

I played for two months and never had a 5 win streak, since joining Esporter I’ve had two 7 game win streaks.


Squad Up

What I like most about Esporter is how it really feels very personable and feels just like sitting down and playing with your friends.


Level Up

I really enjoyed practicing and improving my limited Magic Skills collaboratively with members in the community.